Welcome to Weight No More!

Your sincere desire to lose that excess weight and become trimmer and healthier has brought you to our website. We understand that successful weight loss is a long and difficult process, one that requires your strong will to succeed. There are no quick fix gimmicks. Real worthwhile weight loss should result in significant health benefits in improved physical appearance and self esteem and should be maintained over your lifetime.

At “Weight No More!” we offer a simple but effective approach to helping you achieve the healthier body weight that you desire. The plan is based on i) diet, along with ii) a structured gradual increase in physical activity, and iii) the use of FDA approved medications that will facilitate weight-loss and promote maintenance of your ideal body weight.

“Weight No More!” provides a comfortable, safe, and professional office located in Altamonte Springs, Florida where medically supervised weight loss goals are attainable. Do you want to or need to lose 20, 50, or 100 or more pounds? Our panel of experts has developed a nutrient-dense, calorie reduced plan that is effective in providing your body with the critical nutrition that it needs, while at the same time positively affecting your metabolism to enable you to shed excess body weight. “Weight -No More!” utilizes nutritious fresh foods that you purchase at your local grocer. We also recommend appropriate nutritional supplements to assure maximum nutritional benefits.

Our medical staff will evaluate you to determine if there are other treatable conditions that may contribute to your being overweight. We recognize that being overweight is a true medical problem. Our clients, just like you have other medical concerns such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and arthritis. We know that being over-weight aggravates all these conditions and that they can be positively improved with weight reduction.

Your desire to lose weight is admirable. It could be the single greatest decision you’ll make to promote a healthier lifestyle and to enhance your self-image and confidence.Good for you! Contact our office now to learn more and see if "Weight No More!” may be just the right tool for you to achieve a healthier, trimmer you!